When it comes to adding more colour, depth and complexity to your cocktails, you can’t beat a cask-
aged gin. With the botanical flavours given extra time to develop and mature, an aged gin has plenty
of personality and is robust enough to hold its own in the mix. It’s what makes our World Gin Awards
2021 Silver Medal winning Limbeck gin such a crowd pleaser. Carefully resting it in Burgundy casks
for 3-6 months produces a well-rounded, perfectly balanced flavour profile that makes mixologists
happy! With its soft, peachy tones and rich notes of tarragon, blue ginger and sweet Seville orange
you won’t find a more versatile addition to your cocktail cabinet.

Creating our cask aged gin cocktail

As soon as we tasted the first batch of Limbeck, we knew it would be a firm favourite with cocktail
connoisseurs. Inspired by its distinctive flavour profile, our in-house mixology mavens began
experimenting (it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it) and came up with The Grand Limbeck.
Our take on a classic sour, the secret is to use plenty of ice when shaking and serving. The contrast
between the ice-cold liquid and the warm, rich flavour profile is what we love about this cocktail.

The Grand Limbeck – single serving

▪️50ml Eccentric Cask Aged Limbeck Gin
▪️20ml Grand Marnier
▪️20ml Lemon Juice
▪️12.5ml Ginger Syrup
▪️2 Dashes Orange Bitters
▪️ Orange Peel and Maraschino Cherries to garnish
Grab your favourite cocktail shaker, add a generous scoop of ice and pour all the ingredients on top.
Impress the room with your best bartender shake and then strain the liquid into an ice-filled lowball
glass. Add a few maraschino cherries, a twist of orange peel to garnish and sip away.
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