Speciality Gins ¦ Flavoured Gins ¦ Gift Gins

Some people called them speciality gins, flavoured gins, unusual gins, gift gins, but most people call for  “Eccentric Gins. ”  With gin flavours that range from subtle floral to seville orange with Tarrragon, we have devised several specia;ity gins that will really expand both your mind and your flavour palate.

For example our speciality gin, Madam Geneva – London Dry: 42% ABV.  A London Dry as it should be. Simple, dry and with a Juniper forward flavour with Citrus and a hint of Liquorice and some subtle floral and sweet characters added by the sacred duo “meadowsweet and wild sunflower”

A little bit different when it comes to favoured gins is Limbeck – New Western Style Gin: 45% ABV.A gorgeously heady mix of Blue Ginger and citrus with Tarragon, Seville orange and Orris flovours.  Rested in recycled Burgundy French Oak Casks to develop a smooth texture. The oak casks leave a subtle peach colour, which will vary subtly with each batch, That’s craft!!!

Finally a wonderful gift gin is Young Tom – Fresh Juniper Malt gin: 46% ABV. Fermented from IPA wash and refined to a clean aromatic distillate. Naturally sweetened & vapour infused then rested. A sweet and floral style of gin with Fennel, Wild Sunflower root and Star Anise seeds flavour. Rested for 6 weeks to develop its unique flavours…