Our Gins

Madam Geneva – London Dry: 42% ABV. A London Dry as it should be. Simple, dry and Juniper forward with Citrus and a hint of Liquorice and some subtle floral and sweet characters added by the sacred duo “meadowsweet and wild sunflower”

Limbeck – New Western Style Gin: 45% ABV.A gorgeously heady mix of Blue Ginger and citrus with Tarragon, Seville orange and Orris. Rested in recycled Burgundy French Oak Casks to develop a smooth texture. The oak casks leave a subtle peach colour, which will vary subtly with each batch, That’s craft!!!

Young Tom – Fresh Juniper Malt gin: 46% ABV. Fermented from IPA wash and refined to a clean aromatic distillate. Naturally sweetened & vapour infused then rested. A sweet and floral style of gin with Fennel, Wild Sunflower root and Star Anise seeds. Rested for 6 weeks to develop its flavours…

Cardiff Dry – A unique dry gin: 37.5%ABV. A new style of Gin chosen by the people of South Wales. Rich herbal notes of Rosemary, Fennel, Sorrel and Liquorice, together with citrus notes from the Lemongrass and Verbena. Perhaps the new aperitif gin of the world?

Violet Gin – based on a London Dry Gin: 40% – A simple gin with the
subtle colour and flavour of violet flowers. Smooth flavour with some
sweetness associated with violet.

Pembrokeshire Pinky (Based on a London Dry Gin): 40% – Classic
smooth crisp gin augmented with the subtle flavours of cherry and
lemongrass. Very easy to drink with lots of ice – fresh mint and black
peppercorn or blueberries. A new approach to pink Gins.

Dewi Sant – St David – London Dry Gin: 40% – Very Smooth
uncomplicated sharp refreshing London Dry Gin with a subtle hints of citrus
and classic Dry Gin notes.

Rhubarb – London Dry Gin 40% A smooth crisp gin augmented with the flavour of Rhubarb creating popular semi sweet Gin – ideal for those with a sweet palate and for people who have just discovered the delights of Gin. Great on its own or with fresh Mint – even try it with a splash of ginger ale/beer topped up with tonic..

Our gift pack containing your choice of five 5cl gins