Our Eccentric take on the famous Negroni, the Limbeck Portgroni lifts the classic Italian cocktail to new heights. The ultimate aperitif, the bittersweet blend of a conventional Negroni is said to stimulate the appetite and excite the tastebuds ready for a meal, so it’s an excellent choice for a pre-Christmas dinner tipple. Its strong flavours also call for a bold gin with plenty of personality which is why our punchy, cask aged, citrus infused Limbeck Cask-aged Gin works so well in this recipe.

While the traditional Negroni is created with equal parts gin, sweet vermouth and Campari, we’ve switched out the earthier vermouth flavours for the deep, rich sweetness of port. That’s not to say that the integral herbal notes that a vermouth adds are lost – our award-winning Limbeck gin more than takes care of that with its heady mix of tarragon, orris, blue ginger and tangy Seville orange. Having been rested in Burgundy casks, Limbeck also has a natural affinity with port, creating an effortlessly harmonious flavour profile.

The great thing about the Limbeck Portgroni is how easy it is to rustle up a glass or two – no fancy syrups, equipment or cocktail-making shenanigans required. All you need is a few classic drinks cabinet ingredients and a bottle of our glorious gin.

The Limbeck Portgroni

Serves 1

40ml Eccentric Limbeck Gin 
40ml Port 
40ml Campari
2 x dashes orange bitters 
Orange peel & star anise to garnish


Unlike a martini, a traditional Negroni is stirred not shaken. Simply add all the ingredients to a mixing glass filled with ice, stir for 30 seconds and strain into a rocks glass to serve. If you don’t have a mixing glass, a careful stir in the rocks glass is all that’s needed.

Serve with one large ice cube and garnish with a strip of zesty orange peel and aromatic star anise for the perfect Christmas aperitivo. Simple and utterly delicious.

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