As if the classic combo of cherries and chocolate wasn’t already a match made in heaven, we’ve paired it with silky double cream and a generous measure of our Pembrokeshire Pinky gin to create the ultimate in cocktail decadence. Smooth, rich and luxuriously indulgent, our cherry and chocolate martini is an elegant alternative to the fizzes and sours that often dominate the Christmas cocktail menu.

It might be a martini, but you won’t find any olives or twists of lemon here. More akin to a white martini than 007’s classic dry cocktail of choice, our recipe was created to complement the sweet cherry and fragrant lemongrass notes of Pembrokeshire Pinky gin. The soft floral fruitiness marries perfectly with the creamy chocolate flavours of crème de cacao and the double cream dials down the sweetness to the perfect level without compromising the smooth, velvety feel on the palate.


40ml Eccentric Pembrokeshire Pinky Gin

12.5ml Maraschino Cherry Syrup

20ml Crème de Cacao (brown)

25ml Double Cream

Grated Dark Chocolate & Maraschino Cherries to Garnish


We think this cocktail is best sipped from a classic martini glass – though of course we approve of any eccentric variations! If you like your creamy drinks extra cold, first fill your glass with crushed ice to chill while you get started on adding the Pembrokeshire Pinky gin, crème de cacao, cream and maraschino syrup to a shaker with a generous handful of with ice. Then all it needs is a spirited shake to blend the ingredients well.

Tip out any chilling ice and then double strain the liquid into your martini glass. Garnish with a sprinkling of grated dark chocolate (because you can never have too much chocolate) and top it off with a couple of deliciously sweet and sticky maraschino cherries. Festive, fun, Pinky perfection.

If our cherry and chocolate delight has caught your fancy, Pembrokeshire Pinky is available in our Eccentric Spirits online shop or, if you live in West Wales, why not visit the distillery to buy a bottle and say hello?