New Craft Gins Launched

Violet Gin – based on a London Dry Gin: 40% – A simple gin with the
subtle colour and flavour of violet flowers. Smooth flavour with some
sweetness associated with violet.

Pembrokeshire Pinky (Based on a London Dry Gin): 40% – Classic
smooth crisp gin augmented with the subtle flavours of cherry and
lemongrass. Very easy to drink with lots of ice – fresh mint and black
peppercorn or blueberries. A new approach to pink Gins.



#EccentricHat Competition

It’s a well known fact that Dr. William Price of Llantrisant was a wee bit eccentric. So eccentric in fact that he was not only a free loving Druid, he also wore a fox upon his head as a hat.

So in celebration of Dr. Price and his legacy that inspired our gins, we want to see your most eccentric hat and if you post a pic in the comments below or tweet us a snap of you in your hat, tag us and use the hashtag ‪#‎EccentricHat‬, you could be in with a chance of winning a bottle of Madam Geneva, our London Dry!