St David’s Day Offer

Welsh craft gin

St Davids Day Promotion by Eccentric Gin. Get a bottle of Eccentric Dewi Sant Citrus Gin £70cl Bottle for £25!! shipping included! Regular price £30 plus shipping.

A bottle of Dewi Sant Craft Gin

Dewi Sant – St David – Classic Dry Gin: 40% distilled & bottled in Wales. Eccentric gin distillery continue to let their Gins do the talking. Very Smooth uncomplicated sharp refreshing London Dry Gin with a subtle hints of citrus and classic Dry Gin notes. The Gin is clean and crisp on the palate and very easy to drink serve with black Pepper Corn and fresh Mint or a simple twist of Lime/Orange.

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Terms and Conditions

  • This coupon allows you to have a single 70cl bottle of Dewi Sant Citrus Gin for £25 with free shipping.
  • Offer only applies to Wales, England and mainland/lowland Scotland.
  • The regular price is £30 plus shipping. 
  • Please follow the regular Eccentric Gin shop online process.  To get your St Davids Day promotion discount please enter code dewi19.
  • This coupon can be used once per person for a single usage.
  • This promotion applies only to the selected item, Eccentric Gin Dewi Sant 70cl.
  • This offer lasts until the 1st March 2019.
  • Over 18s only
  • Please drink responsibly.

New Craft Gins Launched

Violet Gin – based on a London Dry Gin: 40% – A simple gin with the
subtle colour and flavour of violet flowers. Smooth flavour with some
sweetness associated with violet.

Pembrokeshire Pinky (Based on a London Dry Gin): 40% – Classic
smooth crisp gin augmented with the subtle flavours of cherry and
lemongrass. Very easy to drink with lots of ice – fresh mint and black
peppercorn or blueberries. A new approach to pink Gins.



#EccentricHat Competition

It’s a well known fact that Dr. William Price of Llantrisant was a wee bit eccentric. So eccentric in fact that he was not only a free loving Druid, he also wore a fox upon his head as a hat.

So in celebration of Dr. Price and his legacy that inspired our gins, we want to see your most eccentric hat and if you post a pic in the comments below or tweet us a snap of you in your hat, tag us and use the hashtag ‪#‎EccentricHat‬, you could be in with a chance of winning a bottle of Madam Geneva, our London Dry!