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Cardiff Dry – a Unique Dry Gin: 37.5% – Smooth dry gin. Rich herbal notes of rosemary, fennel, and sorrel, together with citrus notes from the lemon-grass and verbena botanicals. Garnish with Lime Peel and Tonic –for the adventurous – try it with a dash of tomato Juice.

Dewi Sant – St David – London Dry Gin: 40% – Very Smooth uncomplicated sharp refreshing London Dry Gin with subtle hints of citrus and classic Dry Gin notes. The Gin is clean and crisp on the palate and very easy to drink serve with black Pepper Corn and fresh Mint or a simple twist of Lime/Orange peel.

Rhubarb – London Dry Gin 40% A smooth crisp gin augmented with the flavour of Rhubarb creating popular semi sweet Gin – ideal for those with a sweet palate and for people who have just discovered the delights of Gin. Great on its own or with fresh Mint – even try it with a splash of ginger ale/beer topped up with tonic..

Madam Geneva – London Dry: 42% – Classic traditional unadulterated London dry as it should be! Simple, dry crisp on the palate; juniper forward with citrus and some subtle floral characteristics added by the sacred duo “meadowsweet and wild sunflower”. A no nonsense traditional classic Dry Gin. Mint and black pepper

Limbeck – New Western Style Gin: 45% – A gorgeously heady mix of blue ginger. Seville Oranges Tarragon and orris. Rested in recycled burgundy french oak casks which allow the gin to develop a smooth texture and a subtle peach colour. Great with Orange peel and tonic or a splash of Ginger ale/beer topped with tonic.

Pembrokeshire Pinky (Based on a London Dry Gin): 40% – Classic smooth crisp gin augmented with the subtle flavours of cherry and lemongrass. Very easy to drink with lots of ice – fresh mint and black peppercorn or blueberries. A new approach to pink Gins.

Young Tom – Fresh Juniper Malt Gin: 46% – Distilled from IPA wash (Beer) to create a naturally sweetened aromatic distillate. Vapour infused then rested for 6 weeks to develop its flavour. A very unique sweet and floral style of gin with malt and hop characteristics – a unique Gin great with fresh ginger.


Violet Gin Liqueur based on a London Dry Gin: 20% – A low alcohol light refreshing Gin Liqueur that is smooth and very easy to drink while retaining the subtle colour and flavour of violet flowers. Add to Prosecco or dribble some into a glass with ice, add mint leaves then dilute to taste with sparkling mineral water or a light tonic.

Salted Caramel Liqueur; 20% a rich smooth liqueur that is great served on its own with plenty of ice and a splash of sparkling mineral water. Really special over Ice cream and sponge desserts.

Turkish Delight Liqueur; 20% – a smooth drink with a subtle hint of rosewater to create a classic drink that does not need major help added except for a splash of sparkling mineral water or lemonade. Great combination with Prosecco.

Bubble gum Liqueur; 20% is a simple combination of  Banana, Lemon and Raspberries  that creates a taste that is different to every palate. Does not need major help added except for a splash of sparkling mineral water, lemonade or Prosecco.

Aniseed Liquorice liqueur 20% – simply a reminder of black jack sweets – very smooth and easy to drink does not require any mixer or flavouring.

Elder flower Dry Gin 40% – Classic smooth dry gin augmented with a subtle flavour of Elderflower to give a gentle lift to what is a very good gin. No need to upset the flavour by adding a flavoured tonic. Large slice of citrus peel and a regular tonic or sparkling mineral water.

Passionfruit Liqueur 20% – smooth refreshing tones of fruit & citrus to give a delightful clean easy to drink experience – great combination of flavours producing a new world favourite. Mix with lots of ice and a little regular tonic or sparkling mineral water.

Xmas liqueur 20% – as you would expect a mixture of traditional seasonal warming flavours that are favourites. Rich combination of fruit and spices. Great with orange peel tonic or ginger ale.

Tiger bay Vanilla Rum 40%. Great combination of smooth rich rum with the calming influence of vanilla. Very smooth so use with lots of ice – wait – taste and then add a mixer (if you need to). Cola, Ginger Ale or Lemonade.

Tiger Bay Salted Caramel Rum 40% – an innovative combination of flavours to produce a modern flavour experience. Very smooth, use with lots of ice – wait – taste and then add a mixer (if you need to). Cola, Ginger Ale or Lemonade.